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Vehicle Exchange Program


Are you considering selling your car, truck or SUV?

Rumor Has It

You get significantly less money for your vehicle if you sell it to a dealer as opposed to selling it to a private party....

The word 'Significant' makes you to think in terms of thousands of dollars but this is not true!  Yes, the dealer will normally offer a slightly lower price than a private buyer but the dealer is also absorbing the cost of all paperwork, title transfers, reconditioning/resale and any necessary repairs. The dealer is also investing the time to match the right buyer to your vehicle and will absorb all advertising costs that you would have incurred using third party vendors such as auto-trader, eBay and cars.com.

The most important factors to consider are time, convenience and safety. How much is your time worth?  Time to advertise your vehicle, time to meet with prospective buyers and time to complete title transfers and money transactions.  How convenient is it to have prospective buyers to your home or place of business to see your vehicle and how convenient is it to travel to them? And finally, how safe and secure are the personal (meeting with people you don't know) and financial transactions (taking payment from people you don't know)?

​By the time you add all the costs, time, convenience and safety factors you will agree that selling your vehicle to a dealer is in most cases a win-win for buyer and seller. Nothing can replace the peace of mind of a safe, secure transaction with a reputable buyer who's committed to earning your business by offering highly competitive price offers and top-notch customer service.